Too Good To Waste

With over a billion Christmas cards sold each year in the UK alone, this year we wanted to publish a blog in which will inspire our customers on what they can do to save their cards going to waste. In this article we will cover things you should consider when purchasing your Christmas cards, as well as a number of creative ideas on what to do with your Christmas cards following the big day. As a printer, we understand the time, love and effort that goes into the design, production, and delivery of these cards, which is why we believe them to be far too good to go to waste.

Too Good to waste

Things To Consider When Buying Your Christmas Cards

Look out for the FSC logo

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. FSC certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. Forests are managed in a specific way that ensures not just the forest is well managed but also that the local people’s rights are met and protected too. Make sure to look out for their logo on any Christmas cards you purchase this year (or any materials you purchase to make them). If there is no mention of FSC on the packaging of the product, then check out the supplier’s website.

All that glitters is not gold

If the Christmas card is shiny, covered in glitter or includes sequins in the design, then the likelihood is, that it is not recyclable. Not only do these design elements deem the card unrecyclable, but they are also incredibly harmful to the environment. Did you know that glitter alone is a significant source of microplastic in the environment and has become a great hazard to various organisms? It might make for an aesthetically pleasing gift, but the reality is…your Christmas cards can still be beautiful without it.

Only buy what you need

Sounds like common sense, however we are all guilty of ‘over doing it’ now and again, especially at Christmas. It is not only a financial consideration but this also minimises waste.

Support local

We all love a Christmas market, so why not buy your cards this year from your local craft market. The same applies for the small independent high street shops. A lot of love and attention goes into the creation of these cards. Not only will you be supporting small independent businesses during the festive season, but you will also be reducing the overall carbon footprint created by the supply of these cards.

Many Christmas cards are also sold by local charities, or in support of local charities. You could also make a difference this year by purchasing cards in support of a good cause.


Some Creative Ideas...

Christmas cards for next year

Store the cards you receive this year and use them to create your own cards next year. Late November/ early December you can grab a mulled wine, tea, or beverage of choice, sit with your loved-ones, and make an evening out of creating your own Christmas cards. Not only is this a great way to kick start the season (and get some quality time in with your loved ones), but it is a great way to reuse the Christmas cards from the year before. Make a point to only use recycled materials and use a sticking material such as the new generation of Pritt sticks, as these are 100% recyclable (ensuring your cards will not end up in the waste bin!).

Christmas decorations

Your creativity does not have to end at cards. You can create wonderful Christmas decorations from your old card collection. Weather it be decorations for your tree, gingerbread men chains, or 3D stars to hang from your windows, the possibilities are almost endless.

Place settings for Christmas day

If you are hosting Christmas dinner, then cutting up Christmas cards to use as place settings is a fantastic way to add that little extra personal touch. Plus, giving you the added bonus of organising the dinner table in a way that would work best for the day.

Gift tags

Cut up Christmas cards, punch a whole in the side, thread through some string, ribbon or thread and you have beautiful gift tags for all your gifts this year – best part? It won’t cost you a penny!

Create unique gifts with them

Christmas cards can be cut up and repurposed for all sorts, including actual Christmas gifts. Whether it be bookmarks, puzzles, bunting, storage pots, there is something you can make everyone. This is also a wonderful way to entertain children, by setting them a task to create a Christmas present for the family members on Christmas day. They can then get stuck in and will have a sense of pride when they are gifting their creations on Christmas day.


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