How Transactional Printing Can Improve Workflows for Pension Companies

When dealing with confidential and private information – data integrity is key. At The Printed Word, we work with some of the largest pension and insurance companies in the UK; providing an efficient and secure service that can assist date sensitive workflows, ensuring a precise output when micro-customising documents at mass scale. Our state-of-the-art software and latest printing technologies allow us to accurately print a large number of documents with unique data and information with a fast turnaround time. Documents we print include, but are not limited to: letters, statements, annual reports, payslips, and member documents.

We understand your customers’ expectations and we are dedicated to providing every business we work with an unrivalled service that will not only get your documents printed accurately and proficiently but will have them delivered to the right place at the right time too. Our mailing services are just another factor of our streamlined workflow to help increase efficiency and make the entire process run smoothly for you and your customers.

Security in all your Transactional Printing

Security is key when it comes to storing, transferring, and printing personal information – we have expert knowledge in this field and guarantee data security in all our transactional printing services – no matter how small or large the job is. Our VIPP (Variable Data Intelligent PostScript Printware) Software protects all the data we manage, giving our customers additional peace of mind when working with our professional team.

Another key benefit of transactional printing for pension companies is the power of automation. This key part of the process removes the possibility for human error as well as speeding up the entire operation from start to finish; ultimately increasing efficiency and turnaround times.

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